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  • Are you Certified Organic?
    Yes, we hold an official organic certification 13339 under the ACO body and follow strict organic rules.
  • How long does garlic take to grow?
    Depending on the garlic cultivar and climate, garlic typically takes 9 months to grow and likes nutrient rich, free draining soil.
  • What is garlic seed and how do I select the right one?
    Garlic is grown by planting individual cloves of garlic. The most important thing to consider when selecting garlic for growing is to find certified organic garlic from a climate cooler than your own. Non-organic garlic from the supermarket may be stored in the fridge and contains various chemicals including sprout inhibitors to extend shelf life which will prevent it from growing. Organic garlic grown for seed such as ours is of a much higher quality than standard culinary garlic (and more nutritious and delicious too). Growing garlic obtained from a climate which is warmer than your own can take a couple of years to aclimate, resulting in smaller bulbs whilst this is happening. Garlic obtained from cooler climates than your own will have extra strength and vigour. Willowgate Farm is located in Bungonia, NSW which is considered cool climate with a very cold winter and many frosts throughout most of the year. Lastly, there are many different types of garlic. Choosing the garlic type which is most suitable for your climate will give it the best chance at thriving. You can find more information on suitable climates along with planting and harvest times by clicking on our garlic products.
  • Is Willowgate Farm open to the public?
    As a family owned and operated farm, we are not yet set-up for public visits. In the mean time, we welcome you to see our inner workings and operations via our social media platforms.
  • How come you don't ship to WA or TAS?
    Unfortunately quarantine restrictions do not allow us to ship our farm fresh garlic to WA or TAS.
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